Frequently Asked At Home Care QuestionsAt Sacred Heart Health, we understand that, when researching at home care services, you’ll likely have lots of questions. The following are some frequently asked at home care questions that we received. We hope you find them helpful in your research.
Q. Do I need approval from my family doctor?

A: No approval is needed from a physician to get private duty services. Anyone may call and request services from Sacred Heart Health.

Q. Who pays for at home care services?

A: Our at home care services are available on an hourly, private-pay basis.

Q. Why is it important to hire home care services through an agency as opposed to a registry or an independent hire?

A. An agency provides supervision of all caregivers by a qualified individual, carries liability insurance, takes care of carrying and covering workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, provides backup for a regular caregiver when the caregiver is ill, on vacation, or has an emergency, and provides an assessment and detailed plan of care which is developed by a qualified individual. If a home caregiver is hired through a registry or simply hired independently, the client is responsible for the caregiver’s mandated payroll taxes and reporting, there is no oversight of care, opening up a client to potential financial, mental or physical abuse, no care plan development, and the client is liable for medical bills, potential disability payments, and unemployment payments if an independent caregiver is injured on the job.

Q. How do I know I can trust the person coming into my home?

A: The safety and security of our clients is top priority. Employees undergo a complete background check.

Q. Can I get the same person every time?

A: We believe in continuity of care and strive to assign the caregiver of your choice every time. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority.

Q. When will I know it’s time to get help in my home?

A: One of the best reasons to ask for help is safety. Do you or your loved one feel unsafe living alone? Are you or your loved one having difficulty preparing food or bathing? Are you unable to safely get out to do your grocery shopping or errands? If you answered “Yes” to just one of the above, it might be time to inquire about assistance.

If you have additional questions about our home care or Alzheimer’s care services, please call us at (913) 322-1088 or complete our contact form.